Features include…

Recent blog articles blurbs on your home page and in the sidebar.

Featured collections on your home page.


Rich Snippets for optimized search listings of your products on Google using schema.org.

Support for a MailChimp newsletter signup. Alternatively, you can make that form a regular Shopify signup form:

Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and by email, of both products and blog posts:

Social media icons for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo in footer.

Facebook Open Graph support for products and blog posts.

Gravatar support for blog comments:

A contact form:

“Filter with tag” support on collection pages. “Sort by” drop-down.

On collection pages and on your home page, product images are centered horizontally and vertically.

Support for back-ordered items. Tell shoppers that a particular back-ordered variant will be shipped within x days.

Medallion for on sale items:

Medallion for sold out products. Sold out products are also shown in black and white in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer:

Related products on product pages using a “relevant collection”

Integration with Colorbox — a very slick alternative to Fancybox — to show all your images, product images and others, in a lightbox.

All images automatically 'lightboxed' in the content generated with the Rich Text Editor — this will come handy if you wish to create a photo gallery page!

Shipping rates calculator on the cart page. The address is pre-filled and rates are automatically calculated if the customer is logged-in.

The shipping rates calculator form
The cheapest available rate is added to the cart subtotal